The speed of success...

William Kimball it the man with "it". He has that thing the judges are looking for on American Idol. The full package. He has the talent to write and play and sing a song, of course, but more than anything he has the authenticity to feel a song and in doing so, become a star. William Kimball is just William. He's funny, quirky, goofy and intense. He's a creative singer and a passionate surfer. He goes for it. He's fearless. He takes risks. He has good ideas, and not so good ones. His heart is wide open and he's willing to let you in.

Keep your eye on William. One day you will say you saw him here first.

(Disclaimer: I only met him because of a friend who saw the spark, and asked me to take a few photos. But I see what she sees, and the spark is about to burst into flame)


  1. Very funny Jill! Actually, a friend of mine is helping him....she's the one who introduced me to William, and asked me to do these photos. He's in great hands.