Junebug Weddings Best of 2010: Honorable Mention

I prefer to promote others rather than promote myself, but I have to mention this Junebug Weddings blog honor because ALL of the photos they are showing as the "Best of 2010" really impressed me. I can't believe how sophisticated wedding photography has become. Most wedding photographers have no idea what wedding photographs looked like back in the early 1990's, but overall it was not good. Now, I think wedding photography rivals the best in fashion, journalism, portraiture and still life photography. Oddly, that is exactly the reason I fell in love with weddings.....I didn't have to specialize in any one kind of photography, because weddings presented such a full range of opportunities.

The "West Coast" aesthetic of daylight, overexposed, highly styled and posed photography seems to be the dominant trend of the moment, and I love the look and envy the beautiful natural light and the amount of time those 'Westies' get to spend with their couples. I notice, however that my real favorites are darker, more mysterious, and highly emotional. I am always impressed by an expert handling and control of lighting, combined with an intensely emotional image. Call it the Scorpio in me.... Soft is beautiful, but I love the power of strong chiaroscuro. I love images that make me STOP and wonder, "How did they DO that?", or just simply, "Wow!". Clearly, Ben Chrisman is a real master in this area....not only did he have two winners among the 50, but both of his winners are among my favorites.

There are so many exciting styles to look at and so many amazing photographers at work. I am looking forward to meeting some incredible new talents at WPPI in Las Vegas this year. Last year, I met a wonderful group of photographers at Elizabeth Messina's workshop in France, and I look for ward to a re-union of that group in Vegas.

Do not miss this Best of the Best for 2010 blog! Of the 50 winners, here are a few of my favorites:

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  1. Great pictures!!!Salut!!

    Happy MMXI!!

    Frank, Barcelona