Photo, please!

I don't often start a post without a photo, but in this case, that is exactly my point.  Yet again, I have received an inquiry from a would be second shooter/assistant/do-you-have-a-job-for-me kind of person.  To be honest, the ones that look like form letters rarely get a response from me.  If the letter or the website are intriguing enough,  I might reply....if I remember (note: sometimes you should write twice to busy people!). 

I recently heard from a student who would like to be an intern, and when I saw the photo on her resume it reminded me of something I have been meaning to mention for years....  I need to see what you look like, folks!

I work in the image business.  I shoot high end events for people who are highly successful and highly educated.  They dress well, speak well, and generally look like they could be speaking on television momentarily .  It is NOT ok in my workplace to have crazy hair coloring, excessive tattoos, or body piercings.   I have dressed like a guest at every event I have ever photographed for the last 20 years.  If the wedding is "black tie", that is my dresscode.  Blending in is a key part to what I do.  If you want to work with me, I need to see what you look like and I need to know if you can blend in too (do you have a suit? or can you get one in a hurry?).  Of course I would like to meet you and see if you are a friendly 'people-person'.  Yes, I care about your photography skills too.....but honestly you have to pass all those other hurdles first.

One of my favorite assistants recently wrote to me just after Halloween to say his head had had a close encounter with a razor in the name of a better costume, and he was trying to find a hair stylist to fix the issue, but basically the sides of his head were hairless.  He was scheduled to work with me a few days later, at a corporate event for a new client I had never worked with.  He had lined up a replacement, just in case I didn't like the new 'do. I asked him to send a photo,  and I didn't like what I I hired his friend at the last minute.  I was SO grateful that he had that much foresight and thoughtfulness to ask!

Note to all you would be great assistants out there:  I give HUGE points for YOUR ability to anticipate and problem-solve.  It is what I used to do best as an assistant myself.  It is what I like to see most in anyone who is working for me.  I hired him again about a week later for a different job in Florida.  He gets an 'A' in my book for anticipation AND problem solving!  He is very skilled as a photographer and as an assistant and he's a lot of fun to have around.....but I am glad he knew that a crazy haircut might not be appropriate for the kinds of clients I have.

Oh...and how did I find my current favorite assistant?  I asked a friend in the business who runs her own photography company and hires a LOT of freelancers.  So, when you impress one boss....remember you are impressing many.


Eyes, hands, and other things to celebrate.

I spent my morning putting these images together for fun, and maybe a new website homepage.   I enjoyed searching through many years worth of photos to find the right mix to tell the story of what I do.  There are photos here from 1991, 1997, 2000, 2003 and 2010....all images of celebrations I love to photograph and a few of the beautiful things I celebrate.  My own family belongs here, of course, but I had to draw the line somewhere before I fell deep into my files and never came out again.

This page reminds me of the essay I wrote for my college application to Wellesley about the importance of my hands and my eyes for me.  Looks like not much has changed since I wrote that essay 25 years ago....I am still in awe of the expressive qualities of eyes and hands....and the way that I use my own eyes and hands in everything that I do.

paintings by my dad, the renaissance man.....

I just received a beautiful postcard about my dad's latest show of his paintings.  The reception is at the Tiburon Town Hall on Wedsnesday, Dec. 1st from 6-8pm.  I wish I could be there.  The cover image on his card is outstanding: an aerial view of San Francisco Bay with all of the water done in gold leaf!  It takes my breath away and I might have to commission one for myself, since I can't imagine the original will last long.....

baby love.......

little henry at two months

a little romance

Samantha and Hans

drag race in mumbai....

check out your competition....

before you agree to race

a page from my travel diaries....

these are just a few images from our days in udaipur last year....none of the big monuments, none of the grand scenery.....just a few of the little private of the ubiquitous monkeys, the lobby of my new favorite hotel, udaivillas in udaipur, an old woman at the local temple, some flowers left in our room, a girl at a temple, and one of the lovely elephants i wanted to take home with me.  i just read that travel and leisure readers voted udaipur the best city in the world in 2009.  i couldn't agree more!

Hit$how, the band

Over the weekend I flew to Juno, Florida to do some photos of the band, Hit$show. I am not a music photographer....or I wasn't, but I had so much fun with these four guys that I will reconsider. I like their music (think Green Day, Blink 182) but most of all, I like the guys.....four great looking surfers with a lot of talent and energy, an endless supply of humor, and great biceps! I haven't even finished downloading the photos....and there are hundreds of them....but along the way I just wanted to start playing with the images. William, Neil, Kevin and guys rock! I think we have far more than one album cover here. I can't wait to post more.

Neil, Kevin, Virgil and William
the surfer dudes

harmony in the tunnel
storming the beach....

up in the air, again

Above NYC, the George Washington Bridge and beyond

tiny feet
For the last several weeks I have been on the road shooting in NYC and Juno Beach, FL.  I have photographed a family of six (2 sets of twins!), a corporate event at the NYC Library, a two month old baby, a brother and sister, beauty/publicity photos of a lovely working mom, a band of four, and a solo singer working on his own music.  Never a dull moment. 
the NYC public library