If you have an iphone (or itouch, or ipad) you will want one of these....maybe two or three. I made one for myself, then Alex wanted his own. Just about everyone who sees one, wants one!

A Soldier Returns From Iraq

I first posted these photos on Facebook as a way to share them with this family that we met at the Jacksonville airport. They went to a lot of effort to welcome home Shawn Bourland from Iraq, and it seemed only right to stay for a few minutes and document this reunion. I didn't expect so many other people to see the photos or notice them, but the responses have really surprised me, so I am posting them now on my blog in order to share them with a larger audience. I think the photos pretty much tell the story. This was the first time Shawn was seeing his baby boy, who was born while he was deployed in Iraq. Clearly his girls really missed him. I love that the girls wear "Welcome Home Daddy", and his wife wears "Welcome Home Baby" on their shirts.

Before and After

After posting my last image, a friend asked if the image was originally shot on film. I couldn't remember, but I thought it would be worth showing the original image, next to the version I posted. The original may have been a scanned bit of film, but the finished image is something I created using Photoshop. Needless to say, I think the enhanced image is the one worth printing.

The Glow of The Pregnant Woman

Every so often, I have the chance to photograph a woman who wears her pregnancy beautifully. This image was made many years ago, but I came across it again recently and it reminded me how much I love to photograph a pregnant woman. I did a series of self portraits when I was pregnant 11 years ago, and I think having a beautiful portrait of this miraculous time is a real treasure.
I love this post by Kirsten at Weddings Unveiled
She did a really nice job with Nicola and Matt's wedding photos. Then again, how can you go wrong with such a gorgeous location and beautiful couple?

Here is the full post for Nicola and Matt

Happy birthday dad!

Yesterday was Alan's birthday. His wife Becky wanted me to make a few father-daughter photos of them before she heads off to medical school in New Orleans. I can't think of a better present for a dad.