It's not about where you've been. It's about where you're going next.

It's not about the pain you have, it's about having the courage to let it go.

It's not about just following your heart, it's about first letting your heart crack wide open and expand.

It's not about what you take away, it's about what you have the guts to bring and share.

It's not about what you can get, it's about what you can give.

It's not about what you show Lara, it's about what you let Lara show you.

It's not about holding back the tears, it's about letting them flow.

It's not about how much money you are making, it's about what is holding you back from making more.

It's not about your age or years of struggle, it's about your wisdom and willingness to learn.

It's not about your gifts and accomplishments outside the room, it's about being present in it.

It's not about what Lara and her team can do for you, it's about what you can do for yourself.

It's not about what you do in the next year. It's about what you do tomorrow in the first 20 minutes.

It's not about having more, it's about feeling more satisfaction.

It's not about getting busy, it's about tuning out, turning down the volume and disconnecting from all the chatter and social and electronic media that distract us, in order to reconnect with ourselves.

It's not about "friending", it's about connecting.

It's not about the circumstances you can't change, it's about the changes you are willing to make now.

It's not about griping, it's about finding gratitude.

It's not about making things perfect, it's about making them happen!

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