Every Day Is A Beach Day

We moved back to Sag Harbor just over a month ago and my routine now is exactly as I imagined it would be....and better.  For six years, I lived away from the water, in the landlocked metropolis of Atlanta.  The trees there are spectacular, particularly in the Spring and Fall, but for a bi-coastal water lover who grew up in Boston, San Francisco, and New York, living near the water has always been more of a necessity than an option.  I am remembering why.
Main Beach, East Hampton

I never imagined how luxurious this transition could feel.  Every day, I load up my car with my son, 2 dogs and camera and head off to school, just 5 minutes away.  From there, I decide which beach to visit with Sparky and Spencer, our retriever and shepherd mix dogs.  Sometimes I opt for the nearest one because their whining is making me crazy.  But sometimes I just aim for the one I haven't visited in a long time, or the one I suspect will be most empty.  Each one has a different feel, and a different character, created by the homes that line it and the people who walk on it.  Sometimes these differences really shock me (more on this another day). 

Georgica Beach, East Hampton
Crashing waves in motion at Georgica
Every day, I consider leaving my camera at home.  And every day, I am glad I didn't.  Each day is different....the light, the water, the beach itself.  And I approach each day asking myself how I can see it differently, how I can capture it differently.  I think about how I can become a part of the image, like a painter, by use my camera differently, and photographing things not as I see them, but rather as I create them.

Translucent waves, long exposure, cresting at Eqypt Beach, East Hampton

A wave, interpreted in time.  Georgica Beach.

Some days I focus on  the waves, the water, the motion.  Some days I focus on the sparkle on the water or the translucency of the waves.  Some days I see fishermen, or birds or shells.  Some days are full of color and contrast and I consider whether to work with or against the light.  Other days are completely monochromatic and hazy. I tend to focus more on the water than on the sky, and I bring different lenses from time to time just to have new options.

Fire on the water at Main Beach
Homeless on Long Beach

Sunset interpreted, at Haven's beach

I can't imagine what the next months will bring, but my intention is to spend at least one day at the beach every week for a year, and see where I end up.  So far, I have not been disappointed.