Clearing space: my key for unlocking great plans

A key is a very small thing. But you never quite know how much it will unlock. A box. A closet. A universal puzzle like the shape of the earth or the motion of the planets.

Yesterday the key for me was as simple as cleaning my closet and rearranging my bedroom. I worked with a woman who calls herself a transformational stylist because she works at a deeper level with the goal of unlocking a person's trapped energy.  Stuff blocks energy.  Most of us know that. And yet clearing the clutter can take such a long time.  Why is that?

At some point just after lunch we found the key. We brainstormed a project that is so exciting to both of us that we don't care if it takes years to complete. It's one of those projects that makes you feel like you will put all of your talents to perfect use and you will have to bust through a couple of fears along the way… And yet the purpose makes that all seem  easy.

I have been looking for a key for several years now. I've been wandering around the same old house opening door after door. I think I just found the key to the outside where the sun shines and the moon glows and the wind blows and I just feel bigger.  I am so ready to get out of this house, the metaphorical house of clutter and stuck energy. 

Now, I love the house I live in more than ever.  I wake up every morning feeling such love for this place.  Everything feels shifted.  Time to get to work on a very important project.

I removed the bi-fold doors and installed a curtain to make the closet feel softer. I cleared out half of my clothes as well, so everything inside makes me happy.
A little corner of inspiration that I see daily. The portrait is of Georgia O'Keefe. The gold leafed Tibetan prayer beads are a recent gift from amazing jewelry designer Gretchen Buhler Ventura.

My dresser full of rocks, shells, photos and other goodies that inspire me.  Next step: paint the dresser grey and change the knobs.