From My Idea Factory: Multi-tasking Mama-Blogga

I created a clever tip today.  This isn't an everyday solution, but from time to time, I think it's kinda genius.

Sparky is the black blob on the path in this park we call "Heaven"....because that is what it is to him.

A blog post has been brewing in my head for two days, but I don't have the chunk of time I need to write it, and it isn't top of my priority list.  But because it involves Beyonce and her concert from Monday night, this is a time sensitive piece that needs to get written sooner rather than later.  As a woman who loves to multi-task, I solved it like this:  my son needed a ride to practice, my dog needed a walk,  I needed a walk, and shortly after that, I would be picking up the boy and making dinner.  No time to write.

So I took Sparky to the woods, and talked into my iPhone 4s most of the way.  I went into notes, used the speaker function (right by the space bar if you don't son taught me).  I talked out most of the blog story, while walking the dog and myself.  Now I can email the note to myself, copy and paste into a Google Doc (my favorite because it is always saved and my mouse sometimes behaves oddly), edit a bit more, add my photos, then copy and paste into blogger.  I got a LOT of writing done while talking, my dog is panting, and I got just enough of a walk to pass for exercise today.  Three birds, one stone.

And by the way, this is not the post that was brewing in my head (stay tuned for my longer, deeper Beyonce story), but it seemed too clever not to share.

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