Live Like You....before and after the Jill Sorensen home makeover!

Jill has such a great sense of style and color! Have a look at her full post on Live Like You to see all the cool 'before and after' photos of her own house. Her bedroom goes from 'blah' to 'wow!' with just a few high impact changes and a lot of fun paint colors.

These are just a few of my 'out takes'. Above, she is laughing because her dog, Bubba, manages to get in every shoot she does. I can attest that he indeed just walks on set whenever and wherever we are shooting.  This dog likes to be at the center of everything!

The funny thing is, so does my dog, Sparky! Sparky is the black flat coat retriever on the right. Lucky is her dog on the left. They all met that day and got along fabulously. Who knew my dog would have such a great play date in Washington DC?  Don't you love how the dogs match her outfit?  I wish I could say we planned that...

Of course, I think nothing says 'comfortable chair' like the image below! We were sitting in the living room, waiting for Jill to come home, and Sparky helped himself to one of these lovely chairs. Bubba soon followed, and not long after, they were both asleep. I had to keep the shutter clicks to a minimum to let them get their beauty sleep, but I found it pretty hard not to shoot this!

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  1. Love this Tanya!! You are the best photographer!