What should I wear?

Maggie suggested I share some of my secrets with you.

I photograph Maggie at least once a year, usually with the kids in Canada. Going to visit her is a highlight of my summer. Maggie is like sunshine and Eason always says it is just unfair how photogenic she is.

We decided to shoot in the afternoon when we could wrangle the whole family before heading out to dinner. Maggie put on her favorite summery white dress and I took a few shots to warm up.

After a few frames, I stopped. I knew this wasn't the best I could do. Even though she looked really pretty, I asked her to change. I felt the white was washing her out, the square neckline was taking attention off her face, and the dress wasn't flattering her figure much.

And this is what happened next:

A year later, this is still her Facebook picture. Needless to say, I think she liked it. Her favorite dress just wasn't the best dress for her, for this photo session, and she appreciated my input which helped her see what a difference a darker color made. Another tip I gave her that day....keep your arms away from your body....better for your body, better for your arms. That tip works well for most people...PARTICULARLY brides in strapless dresses!

We call this "Workin' It!"

Love you Maggie!!

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