How I Frame It

I am often asked to show how my fine art images look when framed. This is one of my favorite techniques: 'The Plexi Sandwich', I call it. The image is mounted directly onto a thin sheet of aluminum or plexiglass, or sintra board (different prices, similar effect) and is then laminated with a sheet of 1/4" plexi over the top to give it a sleek, modern look, and a stiff enough body to be supported with aluminum braces across the back. These braces allow the image to 'float' about an inc off the wall.

Yes, I can frame things a thousand different ways, or not at all. But this is my favorite. I hope the explanation helps!

'Oil Paint' in my hallway. 4x6'

'Gibson Surf' in my living room.  3x5'

Behind the scenes. The aluminum braces.

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