Hit$how, the band

Over the weekend I flew to Juno, Florida to do some photos of the band, Hit$show. I am not a music photographer....or I wasn't, but I had so much fun with these four guys that I will reconsider. I like their music (think Green Day, Blink 182) but most of all, I like the guys.....four great looking surfers with a lot of talent and energy, an endless supply of humor, and great biceps! I haven't even finished downloading the photos....and there are hundreds of them....but along the way I just wanted to start playing with the images. William, Neil, Kevin and Virgil....you guys rock! I think we have far more than one album cover here. I can't wait to post more.

Neil, Kevin, Virgil and William
the surfer dudes

harmony in the tunnel
storming the beach....

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  1. Cool pictures Tanya...this is a new direction. I think music pics may be the new thing for you. These guys look great.