Eyes, hands, and other things to celebrate.

I spent my morning putting these images together for fun, and maybe a new website homepage.   I enjoyed searching through many years worth of photos to find the right mix to tell the story of what I do.  There are photos here from 1991, 1997, 2000, 2003 and 2010....all images of celebrations I love to photograph and a few of the beautiful things I celebrate.  My own family belongs here, of course, but I had to draw the line somewhere before I fell deep into my files and never came out again.

This page reminds me of the essay I wrote for my college application to Wellesley about the importance of my hands and my eyes for me.  Looks like not much has changed since I wrote that essay 25 years ago....I am still in awe of the expressive qualities of eyes and hands....and the way that I use my own eyes and hands in everything that I do.