New York, I Love You!

I'm having another one of those sentimental, "I miss New York" kind of days.  I came across these photos that I once posted to Facebook (what happens to them if I stop using fb??). 
I can't believe this trip to NY was only in January.  it feels like it was so long ago.  Every journey to that city gives me so much creative energy. I'll share a little of it here...
 Good thing I'll be visiting again in a couple of weeks!  An October birthday party and a date in the apple orchard in Bridgehampton are calling me.  That, and my favorite Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese at MacBar!
Hi RD!  That's my first NY friend....he used to call me "his little 21 year old".  Wish that seemed more like yesterday, but it doesn't....
Homer is painted on the side of the Cooper Square Hotel (right)  If you love 50's modern, this is a fantastic place to stay!  I haven't stayed at the Standard yet, but I will.

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