New York City Weddings

None of these weddings are new to my blog or website, but I love showing them all together because they are so different, aside from the fact that each wedding took place in New York City. Every one has a story, and each is romantic in its own way. Rob and Layla had two witnesses (plus me), while Ali and Tim had over 200. I love weddings in New York City, particularly when brides or couples interact with the public....whether standing outside a church, or riding a bus all over town. New Yorkers are so enthusiastic and supportive, and everyone loves a beautiful bride!

Married in the Village, and a double decker bus ride to Brooklyn.

A surprise engagement  in Soho, then to City Hall for a license.
Married in her childhood home, then off by subway to the airport.
Dressing at the Greenwich Hotel and married at City Hall.

Married at Riverside Church. An elegant dinner at the University Club.


  1. Pretty helpful information on these city weddings. Couple of months ago, booked one of the elegant wedding venues NYC and arranged my niece’s wedding there. Invited all our family and friends for this wedding and had a grand party.