Back in Paris

Almost exactly six weeks after my last stay in Paris, I have returned, for one night, to the same hotel and the same room. I find myself sitting here, editing images from that trip for a blog about the workshop by one of its organizers. This is the view from my bed (standing on the bed to be exact). I am struggling with the images I want to submit. The ones that sum up my experience. The ones that tell my story best. I have so many stories to tell...and more of them to tell here. I love the story of the place, the Chateau in Poitiers, the empty spaces, the beautiful light and the quiet moments. But a workshop has such an interesting energy and dynamic that is created by the participants. In the end, it is the people who make the workshop....sometimes the organizers, sometimes the participants, and often never what you expect. The workshop was not what I expected. I guess my favorite photos from it won't be what I expected either.