Marianne Williamson and Rickie Byars Beckwith at the United Palace House of Inspiration

The United Palace House of Inspiration surprised me.  I went to see Marianne Williamson speak, but I left with so much more.  Nothing short of inspiration.

We walked in dancing.  It was hard not to.  The beautiful choir had half the audience standing and dancing in this beautiful old 1917 auditorium.  I arrived with Annette, and Cati met us inside.  We had no idea what to expect, and walked away energized and dazzled by the Bishop Xavier Eikerenkoetter (son of "Reverend Ike"),  mezmerized by the voice of Rickie Byars Beckwith, and just in awe of Marianne Williamson.  It happened to also be the 50th birthday of the Bishop Xavier's beautiful wife, Annette (funny synchronicity) and the 47th anniversary of the UPHI. We couldn't have picked a better day.

Our adventure started with a little notice I saw on Facebook about Marianne Williamson speaking in New York.  I wanted to hear her live and in person, because I was thinking I would like to photograph her for a project I am just beginning, and I needed to feel her presence for myself.  I invited Annette to join me, since we are working on this project together.  She asked Cati to come, knowing she would love it too. 

We fell into a goldmine.  Not only was listening to Marianne even better than I ever imagined it could be, but the music was spectacular, and Rickie Byars Beckwith was an absolute goddess on stage....her voice, her presence, all of it.  And the Bishop?  Incredible.  You should just come hear what he has to say for yourself.

I got to hug Marianne after the service, and I enjoyed watching the way she lit up with every person who waited to talk to her and have her sign a book.  Everyone had a story, and she seemed to really enjoy hearing them. We decided not to wait in the signing line, even though we both bought one of her books.

175th Street and Broadway is a long way from Sag Harbor, NY.  And it was well worth the trip.  Next time, we would like to bring an entire busload of our friends.  We sang a bit, danced a bit, smiled all day, and just couldn't believe our luck to stumble upon such a magical experience.  

I can't wait to go back!

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