The haunting beauty of Lynsey Addario's photography

I discovered a photographer today whose work leaves me nearly speechless.  This doesn't happen often.  What surprises me most is the fact I did not know about Lynsey Addario sooner.  She is one of the most accomplished female photojournalists who ever walked the planet.  Her pictures have that mix of power and sensitivity that almost brings me to tears.  Looking at her work makes me want to put my cameras down and rethink everything.  She is clearly a brave woman with a really thoughtful yet instinctive approach to her work.

I found this image above  particularly poignant.  Turns out it was Time magazine's picture of the year.  What cave have I been living in?

Run, don't walk to see this woman's stunning website.  You will probably realize you have seen her work for years, on the front page of the NY Times, in Time, in National Geographic, but just never stopped to think about the eye behind the lens. At least that's my story.  Now I am a fan for life.

I'm trying to decide which of her editioned prints I want to buy.  I'm thinking it will one of these two: