Pinterest Matters: The Next Social Supersite.

I spent my weekend at a social media conference, hosted by

Love my dancers page!!  Note one of these pins came from my own blog...

The scarcest resource in the 21st century is human attention".  If so, Pinterest manages not only to grab our attention, but to push more information through that tiny window faster. If you believe that a picture is worth 1000 words, then Pinterest is a shortcut to high speed communication.  You are lucky if you can get a reader to stick with you for 1000 words.  Why not say it with a picture? Or three.

I love the way Pinterest allows people to paint visual pictures of themselves in a way that Facebook can't.  Rather than only posting images you have taken (let's face it, we aren't all photographers), or linked to on Facebook, Pinterest allows users to gather (steal?) truly stunning imagery from anywhere and everywhere and make it your own by creating infinitely clever "boards".  I love the way people identify their hopes and dreams and aspirations by the images they choose to post.  Of course, big posters tell me they are also big time wasters!

I think a great next step for Pinterest would be to allow people to print these boards in mural size (on self stick paper!) so we can put an "instant inspiration board" on our walls at home....but one that is drawn from the world wide web instead of the magazines we happen to have on hand. (Did I mention I am a bit of an idea factory?)

If I had more time on my hands (or an intern!), I would certainly have a much better developed Pinterest profile.  In the meantime, I have added my Pinterest link onto other bio pages.  I think 2012 is the year Pinterst pops into the mainstream.

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