Beauty in Motion

I see in frames.  Frozen moments.  I capture these images to suggest something more, something longer.  For me, it is the frame that suggests the story and lets your imagination run.  Every once in a while, I come across a person who can do the same with images in motion.  I don't shoot video very well, so I truly appreciate a master when I see one.  Kristen Bliss is one of those masters.  I am mesmerized by the beautiful way she combines still moments, and moments of only the most subtle movement, with music, to create something else....something soft, magical, and special, that still leaves room for the imagination.  Watch this little video of a fashion shoot, (photographed by the supremely talented and soulful Elizabeth Messina)

The Bride & Bloom :: Spring 2011 Shoot from bliss* productions on Vimeo.

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