Oldies and goodies

 I asked a current client for guidance about things that inspire her creatively, and things she loves that I can use as information for the direction to take her album.  I learned that one of the things she loves is my old website (Tanya Malott Photography 1991-2001).  I was surprised, to say the least.

Now, I am  grateful that my new site did not entirely replace that one, and that the old site is still viewable, even though hardly anyone would find the domain if they were looking for me (it uses my middle name....which even my friends don't tend to know). 

If one person liked it, then maybe there are more and I should keep it alive for a bit longer.  There is much to be said for hanging on to old portfolios.....and as I approach 20 years as a wedding photographer, I find that these old images (all shot between 1991 and 2001) still feel relevant and timeless.

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  1. you always want to take the good and grow and expand- things you did before were wonderful, and now its time to share new images. keep it handy, you never know when you will want to refer back. you always have wonderful work to show!