New Website Underway

Irina in Italy, Susanna in London

Riverside Church, New York City

Villa Mansi, Lucca, Italy

Covo dei Saraceni, Positano, Italy

Cathedral of St. Sophia, London

I think I am on a staycation. The phone barely rings because either my friends are all on real vacations, or they expect that I have am in some far flung corner of the globe enjoying colorful coctails and sunshine. Usually they are right. But this holiday season I am more pajama blogger than camera snapping traveler. Does Indian food for dinner count as exotic?
I have been remarkably productive in the last week. Without all the usual disruptions, I have managed to create an entirely new website in about five days. I have included fantastic destination weddings from London, Paris, New York City, Capri and Positano, Lucca, The Bahamas, Sonoma, Southampton and Bridgehampton. Those are just some of my favorites of the last seven years.

Next up, I will add some of the portraits of all the wonderful children I have photographed over the last few years. This year I was particularly busy with both family portraits and Christmas cards.

In the past month I have seen a surprising resurgence of interest in my fine art photographs, so that means I'll need to include those in the new website as well.

Perhaps I am only halfway finished, but at this point, the new website is almost ready to replace the one that has served me so well for the last ten years. I can hardly believe that this is my nineteenth year as a wedding photographer. I am looking forward to a special celebration in 2011 to mark my twentieth anniversary as a wedding photographer. Come to think of it, Marc and Karen will be celebrating their 20th at the same time (since they were my third clients). Perhaps we all celebrate together.